"The action of forbidding something, especially by law."

Prohibition 9

Who We Are

Prohibition No. 9 aims to continue to provide the people cannabis products through the Hemp Derived Delta-9 Market. Due to continuous scrutiny of cannabinoids from State legislation; which differs greatly State to State, Prohibition No. 9 products were developed to abide by those State Laws. Our edible products are developed in small batches to produce a product that is fresh and can be inspected for quality assurance.

Where to Find Us

Prohibition No. 9 products can be found through the Leafly Platform.  Find the location nearest you.  Online Pickup available.

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We Believe in ALL Cannabinoids

Although we exclusively feature Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC edibles; we believe in all cannabinoids.  Largely due to recent State Legislative changes, we want to provide tested and quality products that abide by the "0.3% Delta-9 THC on a Dry Weight basis" component to the 2018 Farm Bill to continue to offer THC products to those who were affected by those changes.